My Maternal 8th. Great Luxembourgian Grandfather, Wilhelmi Haupert

Clemency, Capellen, Luxembourg

My maternal 8th. great grandfather, Wilhelmi HAUPERT

Born: 1658 in Luxembourg.

Married: about 1684 in Luxembourg to Margaretha HAUPERT (maiden name unknown).

Death: 29 August 1711 in Clemency, Capellen, Luxembourg

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Name: Mrs Margaretha HAUPERT 

Birth: 1664 in Luxembourg 

Died: 29 Aug. 1711 in Clemency, Capellen, Luxembourg.

Children: (1)

Wilhelmus HAUPERT (1685-1785)

Clemency (Luxembourgish: Kënzeg, German: Küntzig) is a town and a former commune in south-western Luxembourg. Since 2012, it is part of the commune of Käerjeng. It is part of the canton of Capellen, which is part of the district of Luxembourg.

As of 2006, the town of Clemency, which lies in the south-west of the former commune, has a population of 1,823. The former commune also included the village of Fingig. Clemency is a rural community close to the Belgian border. source: Wikipedia



luxembourg map

An ancient parish: Although today’s high-steepled church was built in 1726, records indicate that the community and its parish are far older. Information from the Pétange tourist office explains how one Karl Martell offered Clemency and Pétange to St. Maximin’s Abbey, Trier, in 723. A document dated 1140 reports that Pétange belonged to the parish of Clemency. This apparently continued to be the case for several hundred years. source: Wikipedia





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