My Maternal 7th.Great Luxembourgian Grandfather, Wilhelmus Haupert


My maternal 6th. great Luxembourgian grandfather, Wilhelmus HAUPERT, son of Wilhelmi Haupert and Margaretha Haupert (maiden name unknown)

Born: 1685 in Clemency, Capellen, Luxembourg.

Coat of arms of Clemency

Clemency Church, Clemency, Capellen, Luxembourg

First spouse: Barbara HAUPERT (maiden name unknown)

Married: about 1701 in Clemency, Capellen, Luxembourg 

Children: (2)

Margaretha Haupert (1705-1743)

Dominicus Haupert (1707-1800)

The commune is located on the Belgian border at the source of the River Eisch. At an altitude of 395 m, its highest point is in the village of Fingig. Clemency, situated on the junction of the CR 101 and the CR 110 is 21 km west of Luxembourg. It is 5 km from the E25 motorway to Luxembourg and Brussels. The area is partly forested but mostly agricultural with mixed farming. There are fishing ponds between Clemency and Fingig as well as a marshy nature reserve, the Neidriesch, where there is a colony of crested newts, a protected species.  source: Wikipedia

Second spouse: Anna Margaretha Oestringer 

Married: 4 Oct. 1710 in Clemency, Capellen, Luxembourg

Children: (1)

Johannis Wilhelmus Haupert, Sr. (1711-Deceased)

Died: before 1785 in Clemency, Capellen, Luxembourg

Clemency (Luxembourgish: Kënzeg, German: Küntzig) is a town and a former commune in south-western Luxembourg. Since 2012, it is part of the commune of Käerjeng. It is part of the canton of Capellen, which is part of the district of Luxembourg.  Wikipedia



The old Clemency railway station, Clemency, Luxembourg



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