My Maternal 6th. Great Luxembourgian Grandfather, Dominicus Haupert


Garnich, Capellen, Luxembourg

My maternal 6th. great Luxembourgian grandfather, Dominicus HAUPERT, son of Wilhelmus and Barbara (maiden name unknown) HAUPERT.

Born: 1707 in Garnich, Capellen, Luxembourg.

Married: about 1724 to Suzanna WICKRING in Garnich, Capellen, Luxembourg.

Children: (5)

Mathias Haupert

Anna Haupert

Jacobus Haupert

Maria Haupert

Anna Maria Haupert

Died: 1800 in Garnich, Capellen, Luxembourg.

Burial: 1800 in Garnich Cemetery, Garnich, Capellen, Luxembourg. (no exact location for burial site)

Garnich – Commune in Luxembourg
Garnich is a commune and small town in southwestern Luxembourg. It is part of the canton of Capellen, which is part of the district of Luxembourg. As of 2014, the town of Garnich, which lies in the east of the commune, has a population of 1202.  Wikipedia
Canton de Capellen is an administrative subregion in Luxembourg with a population of Approximately 37.873 people. Canton of Capellen, Luxembourg
Church of Garnich, Luxembourg
Luxembourg in world mapFlag of Luxembourg
Map and Flag of Luxembourg

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